President Obama Tells the World ‘Come to America’

Dear Travel Colleague:

It’s official – the Travel Promotion Act is now law. It’s a great day for America and the travel community with the United States solidly on the path to welcome millions of new visitors and in the process create thousands of American jobs.

We are extremely grateful to the legislation’s champions and need to thank those who supported it in both the House and Senate. At the same time, it is important that we continue to promote the benefits the Travel Promotion Act will bring to local communities across the country.

While travel promotion isn’t a panacea for our international inbound travel issues – welcoming more visitors also requires continued improvement in visa and entry processes – this is the biggest commitment our government has made to support international travel to our country and the clearest indication to date that Congress is taking travel seriously.

For your convenience and to assist you in your communications plans, we have created a toolkit of resources (see below) that provides a timeline of next steps expected in the transition to create the Corporation for Travel Promotion, as well as several useful templates for crafting messages to your local media and policymakers.

Our newfound industry stature will play a critical role in helping us better manage future issues such as climate change, crisis situations and barriers to travel. It is critical that our industry express its gratitude to those who made passage of the Travel Promotion Act possible. Please take time to help make that happen.

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